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Garage Door Broken Spring

Garage door springs are a vital function to the performance of your garage door operation. ​Broken springs are the most common repair required for a garage door.

The tension of the spring offers balance, releasing most of the weight of the door for easy opening and closing. 

Expected life span may vary on the size appropriate for your door, however a common garage door spring should last about 10,000 cycles. If you break that down by daily use you can estimate your life expectancy of your spring as laid out below: 

  • 2x daily = 14 years
  • ​4x daily = 7 years
  • ​6x daily = 5 years
  • ​8x daily = 3 years​​

​​Broken garage door springs can be dangerous as it releases all the tension of the spring. Stretch springs could shoot across the garage causing damage to anything in the way when breaking. Torsion springs are contained on the torsion shaft but could cause the door to become unbalanced and come crashing down. 

If the spring breaks the average person or opener may not be able to open the door without great effort. It is always recommended to allow somebody with the proper training to perform any repair on the garage door springs to avoid injury. 

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